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ITGC Lunch and Learn with Women in Cybersecurity - Shared screen with speaker view
Alicia Rosado
Thank you glad to be here.
Michele Gadson
Are there any opportunities available with AppRiver/Zix for IT or Cybersecurity Apprenticeships?
Bernadette Nwosu
yes I have to say this is the incentive for me, the money
Bernadette Nwosu
I am a debt adviser by trade, am used to deal with people and their issues, not sure if I will get bored staring at codes all day... can anyone share if they have found this career choice a negative one, and if so, why?
Rachel Ley
Michele Gadson
In this day and age of almost mandatory Remote and Virtual Learning for our K-12 students, what is your insight regarding assisting children with adjusting to this new "normal"l?
Rebecca Hernandez
Where would you start to get into Cybersecurity from a different career field?
Michele Gadson
Thank you for your answers; these are really great suggestions! I have a Junior in high school, who is doing well in his academics; remote learning is really effective for him. I have one more question regarding Cybersecurity. For someone who is not former Military, how does one with the advanced technical education without Security Clearance make a successful foray into the profession?
Michelle Ward
Look for internships or co-ops with the various government agencies like DHS which is here in Pensacola.
Rebecca Hernandez
What are the TOP certificates? Which certs should be start with?
Rachel Ley
There are really SO many. I went with things affiliated with colleges because, again, when there are so many choices you can't be sure they're all legitimate. PSC has some amazing certs in terms of Cybersecurity, web development, and product management.
Michelle Ward
Security+ is one of the certificates often required for cybersecurity jobs. I have a CISSP, but it requires 5 years of experience as well.
Michelle Ward
Thank you for having us!
Rebecca Hernandez
Thank you everyone!
Rachel Ley
Thank you all so much!
Michele Gadson
This was a dynamic presentation!